GRE test prep courses that are offered by the more well-known test preparation companies are priced in excess of several thousand dollars -- depending on which "package" you purchase. Even if you opt to purchase one of the "cheaper" products -- ie., around $200-$300 -- are those services really worth that much money? A lesson plan, practice questions, a few moments of face-to-face instructor time ... all that, for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars? Seems a bit outrageous.

Okay, so let us assume that many of those high-priced GRE prep courses really are worth-while, and are worth spending thousands of dollars on. But wait. Then, it appears that charging exorbitant prices for those GRE test prep services places wealthy students at a clear advantage, because it is only the wealthy student who can afford to pay so much money. This is hardly fair, wouldn't you agree? Furthermore, if education, and especially access to higher education, is the way by which students gain exposure to, and learn how to grapple with, the more challenging problems facing us today, then it would seem that we'd want to encourage, and not stifle, students' attempts to gain admission to graduate programs.

In addition, many test prep companies tout to know of "secrets" that will enable students to attain very high scores on the GRE General Exam. Secrets? Spells? Potions? The process of elimination, working backwards to arrive at the answer, and knowing some of the more standard math formulas are hardly secrets. I prefer to call that common-sense!

Luckily, there are alternatives to high-priced GRE test prep courses. For starters, most public libraries keep an up-to-date collection of several GRE test prep workbooks. And, myGRETutor.com and a rare few other websites offer affordable online GRE test prep resources. Utilized collectively, I claim that such websites offer a product that is as good, if not better, than some of the high priced GRE test prep products that we've all seen advertised.

So, who are we? We are a group of people with a mission to make a difference. We believe that education is precious. And, we hope that MyGRETutor will enable many students to become comfortable and readily familiar with the format of the GRE General test. Which, then, we hope will encourage more students to apply to graduate school, thereby improving the applicant pool size, which ultimately improves the chances that a truly marvelous person will matriculate in and graduate from graduate school, and then go on to change the world -- for the better. Most importantly, we strive to provide practice questions and tests that are similar in scope and difficulty to those questions that appear on the actual exam.

If only one student finds myGRETutor.com useful, then great, mission accomplished.

-- FBJ, 2005

Who We Are

Below is a list of a few of the people who have made (and continue to make) MyGRETutor what it is today. If you have any questions, please contact us and send us a quick note. We'd be glad to hear from you; comments, suggestions, feedback, and -- yes -- criticism, are always welcome.

Tamara Doehring
BA English, Rollins College MA English, Univ. of Central Florida
Tamara has 10 years of experience as a High School English teacher, and she is the editor of the Florida English Journal. She is a consultant to the National Writing Project, she is an independent consultant and freelance writer, and she has reviewed and continues to review textbooks and publications. Tamara Doehring develops verbal questions for use throughout myGRETutor.com.
Les Gates
Honours degree, Mathematics, Oxford Univ. Certificate in Education, Exeter Univ. Master of Arts, Oxford Univ.
Les has taught High School mathematics for nearly thirty years in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. He was Principal of King George VI National Secondary School, Honiara, Solomon Islands from 1998 to 2000. When Les returned to New Zealand in 2001, he worked as an Education Advisor, then Principal of a college for international students. Les is now pursuing a new career as an author and freelance writer. Les was for nine years an active member of the Solomon Islands Mathematics Curriculum Development Panel, writing materials for use in the Solomon Islands Secondary Schools, including textbooks, and examination papers. Les has been an Examiner for the Mathematics paper of the Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate of the South Pacific Board for Educational Assessment, and he is an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (U.K.) and a member of the U.K. Mathematical Association. Les develops mathematics content used throughout myGRETutor.com.
Amanda L. Hayes
BA English Literature, Cornell Univ. Magna Cum Laude with distinction in all subjects
Amanda Hayes is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Golden key, and she is a professional writer and editor with a particular focus on women's health, science and nutrition. Amanda Hayes creates Verbal practice questions that are in use throughout myGRETutor.com.
Filip Jagodzinski
Ph.D., University Of Massachusetts Amherst M.S., Villanova University B.S., Columbia University in the City of New York
Filip conceived of MyGRETutor in the spring of 2005, and build the first prototype and infrastructure later that summer. He did all of this because in the summer of 2004, he had the ludicrous idea of applying to graduate school. He naïvely approached some well-known test prep companies (everybody else was doing it), to discover what they charged. He refused to pay for their services, out of principle, and got into grad school without the help of their silly courses.
Zachary McGrew
B.S. (expected) Computer Science Western Washington University
Zachary is developing the Android version of the MyGRETutor app.
Nicole Jackson
MFA, Creative Writing, Colorado State Univ. B.A., University of Iowa
Ms. Jackson is a freelance writer and editor, and she helps to develop verbal practice questions for myGRETutor.com.
MC Morrison
BA, Colorado State University MA, University of Wyoming ABA, Casper College PhD, Arizona State University
MC Morrison has worked as a university instructor, academic advisor, and academic administrator for over a dozen years. For her PhD, she studied Modern US History with an emphasis in the American Southwest and Community. MC Morrison develops content for use in the verbal practice questions and practice tests at myGRETutor.com.
Jessica Ouellette
Jessica Ouellette is an English PhD student. She works for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition, she enjoys working with digital technology, particularly in the fields of web design and social media.
Jesse Sliter
Jesse is a front end developer and ux engineer currently working at Google. Jesse helped build the front end of the the new site reskin.
Rainier Harvey
Rainier is a backend system and automation specialist working at Nordstrom. Rainier set up the back end systems the site depends on.