GRE Score Reports

As part of your registration fee, you are allowed to designate 4 institutions to which you want your scores sent. For the computer-adaptive GRE revised General test, you will designate the 4 institutions at the time when you take the exam, while for the paper-based exam, you indicate the 4 institutions on the registration form or on the admission ticket correction stub. If you are taking the computer-based GRE General test, your score report will be sent out to the 4 designated schools within 10 to 15 days after you take the exam. If you take the paper-based exam, your score reports will be sent out approximately 4-6 weeks after you take the test.

If you want to designate additional schools to receive your scores, you can request additional score reports by phone, mail, or fax. Each additional score report that you request will incur a cost of $15. Call 1-609-771-7290, 1-888-GRE-SCORE, or 1-888-473-8333 (TTY) to request additional score reports. When ordering additional score reports by phone, you'll need to pay by credit card, and you'll need to provide your registration number, exam date, date of birth, institution code(s) and department code(s) to which you want the additional score reports sent to. Additional score reports are sent out within 5 days of you calling ETS.

For information about additional score reports, visit the ETS Score Reports page, and follow the instructions that are posted there. Note that you can only request additional scores after your exam has been graded.

ETS also offers a question and answer review service, for a fee of $50. The question and answer review service allows you to review the Verbal and Quantitative questions that you answered incorrectly on your computer-based General Test. The questions are presented with your answers and the correct answers. Note that you'll be shown your questions and answers at the testing center where you took your exam. Note that this service is not available at all locations and for all test dates, so please contact ETS to confirm if you have access to this service. ETS also provides a service where you can review your essay score, and where you can request that your paper-based GRE General test be hand scored. Additional information can be found on the ETS Contact page of the ETS website.