GRE Reading Comprehension - Implied

A comprehension question that asks what the reading passage implies is meant to gauge your ability to see beyond what is explicitly stated in the passage. In such questions, you should be careful not to select an answer which is based on explicit information in the passage. Instead, an implication question will require you to draw conclusions from the information that is given; use your judgment and be sure that the answer that you select follows logically and easily from what is stated in the passage. Implication questions fall into two general types, including:

  • The author implies: In these questions, look for key words that suggest a certain style or mood of the author, and then use key word information to infer the attitude of the author, which should help you to eliminate several answer choices.
  • It can be inferred from the passage: These questions will require you to make broad conclusions from the information that is given, and most likely you'll need to provide a summary or main idea based on particular small details from the reading passage.
Test Tip!

On reading comprehension questions that ask you to infer or that indicate that the passage implies something, use information from the passage to form a conclusion, and use that conclusion to answer the question.