GRE Reading Comprehension - Additional practice

So that's it? Use these tactics and you'll be able to answer all reading comprehension questions? No. The tools and tactics which are provided here to help you attack the reading comprehension questions are only meant to supplement your reading comprehension skills. The one most important thing that you can do to help in your reading comprehension skills is to read widely, and read actively.

Read on a wide range of topics, such as philosophy, religion, chemistry, physics, history, astronomy, sociology, physiology, psychology, etc. The more genres that you are exposed to, the better your chances that you'll be ready for the reading comprehension questions that you'll face on the GRE. But remember, it's not so important what you read, as it is that you read it actively and that you formulate ideas, critiques, and summaries of the material that you do read. The GRE is attempting to determine your ability to read actively and critically, and not merely to recall facts and ideas.